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3 Tips Before Building Your Deck

Adding a deck to your existing home can be a great way of expanding your living space and increasing the visual appeal of your house.

Whether you are building a DIY project or seeking a specialist deck builder, here are 3 quick tips to help you achieve successful results:

1. Ensure Your Deck Design is Practical

The practical aspect of your design should consider the goals you have in mind for the deck such as:

  • Ease of access on and off the deck
  • Deck Safety
  • Seating (in-built seating options and usable space)
  • Shade and protection from elements
  • Enhancing View Privacy if wanted

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Bathroom Reno

6 of The Most Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom renovations are both thrilling and challenging. On the upside, once transformed, using a beautifully designed bathroom can be an indulgent experience. On the downside, renovating a bathroom can often be trickier than expected. This is because of its very nature: a wet room that integrates multiple services into a relatively small space.

In our Bathroom Renovation Guide, we consulted the industry experts across design, building, plumbing, tiling and real estate management to give you in-depth guidance on getting the best bathroom renovation results.

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