We have completed garage conversions in Melbourne, Ringwood, Richmond, Croydon, Mitcham, Camberwell, Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood & more

Garge conversion in Melbourne

Garage conversions bring an extra bedroom or apartment to your property

A garage conversion, if done right, can be an innovative way to extend your principal home or make a new home within your home without attempting a costly extension or addition. It’s also a great way to utilise that space you’ve used to park your car or worse to fill with clutter & junk all these years.

Need more space, another room or even a way to earn some extra cash through a rental income?

Perhaps you occasionally find yourself wondering what on earth you have used the garage for all these years?

Hopefully a space for the car & not a black hole to hide all those things you never use.

There are many cost-benefits of using your garage to create an in-home granny flat for family, an entertainment space to self indulge or as a rental asset to earn some extra cash to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Even better, it’s easier & more cost-effective. Homes and Renovations can also help save you money on where it counts.