We’re not talking about that rusted sheet of corrugated iron sitting on top of your grandparents chicken coop. Metal tile roofing has evolved over the years to become one of the most popular roofing solutions in Australia. Passing the test of the Australian elements is a tough task for even the strongest of products. High quality metal roofing has been providing Melbourne homeowners with the perfect answer to whatever nature decides to throw at them. To get assistance with metal tile roofing, contact us.


Utilising a lightweight and high quality material makes your roof easier to transport and install, meaning you get to keep more money in your pocket!


What you lack in weight you definitely don’t lose in strength. Metal roofing is stronger than traditional roofing methods and high quality steel is built to withstand the harshest of environments and the worst that mother nature can throw at it.

Last Longer

When installed and maintained correctly, a high quality metal roof can outlast generations! Solidifying them among some of the longest lasting roofs around Melbourne.


Sick of replacing cracked tiles? What if you could have an (almost) maintenance free roof? Metal roofing is so durable that you will never be forced up a ladder to repair a leak, rust or unsightly cracks.


Metal roofs can be made out of a high percentage of recycled material. They also require less fossil fuels to make than traditional roofing options and they are easier to transport (decreasing your carbon footprint). High quality metal roofs also reflect more solar heat than traditional roofs (up to 60%) and can help you keep your house cool or warm more efficiently when installed correctly.

There have recently been even more innovations in metal roofing. Metal roof tiles provide all of the benefits of a metal roof with the aesthetics of a traditional tiled roof.


Metal roof tiles combine the benefit of a corrugated roof with the architectural design of a tiled roof.

With a sleek and modern design, metal roof tiles not only add beauty and value to your home or building but are also designed with the same width, custom length and sheet thickness that you love in traditional corrugated roofing.

When choosing a metal roof tile it is important that you check the quality of the steel that is being used.

Metile roofing is a state of the art metal tile roofing which has been manufactured by Australians to specifically withstand our harsh weather conditions. Metile roof tiles, unlike many other metal roof tiles, have been designed to last and protect you from fire, rain and wind. This is why so many Melbourne homeowners, designers, architects, developers and property managers across Australia choose Metile metal roof tiles.

The increased durability of our product means that you can buy with confidence. We back our product with a 100% and we value your trust, that’s why we have a complete 30 year warranty. Metile metal tile roofing is a completely risk free investment.

So, if you live in Melbourne and you’re looking into metal roofing or you just like the look of older tiled roofs, there’s no better time than now for an upgrade to our beautiful, longer lasting Metile metal roof tiles. Create a modern look while you protect your home and loved ones from the harsh Australian environment.

Call us now to find out how Metile metal roofing it the best choice for you.

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